The Difference

Uncommon and Elevated ~ W. Trent Palmer pc

  • Connected to the communities we serve
  • Over a decade of legal experience in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond
  • Self-made boutique law practice
  • Diverse experience means broad expertise
  • Thoughtful attention to your concerns

Residents of the Roaring Fork Valley share an uncommon lifestyle.  Accordingly, WTP | LAW provides uncommon legal service.

Sustaining a boutique practice in this part of Colorado takes someone who can not only operate with high level legal skills, but who can also do it across multiple disciplines.  And someone who understands the sacrifices and lifestyles of those who choose to live in mountain communities in the West.  Focused specialization on one area of practice is not a reality for solo attorneys outside of booming metropolitan areas and more populated communities.

Discreet, discerning, well-versed in local deals and disputes.  WTP | LAW is the image of a nimble, modern, locally-serving law practice deeply entrenched in the communities it serves.

Trent Palmer chose with intention to live in Western Colorado.  Naturally, this makes him a more engaged and present attorney, one invested in the fortunes of his clients who make these communities so unique.  With strong local connections and diverse expertise, Trent is able to cast a wide net in preparing and executing strategies towards your ideal endgame.

At WTP | LAW, the choice is a modern, boutique approach to legal practice.  We offer a client-driven practice, suited to the unique needs of those who call this place home.

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