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Diverse, yet focused practice areas that evolved from years of local experience.  By assimilating a wide array of experience across multiple realms of law, WTP | LAW focuses on legal work that is ubiquitous in the Roaring Fork Valley:  Commercial and Civil Litigation.  Real Estate Transactions.  Criminal Defense.

Living and working in the communities we serve means knowing the issues, and knowing how to attain desired results.  It also means being vested in how legal outcomes, municipal development decisions, local real estate deals, and other matters affect our clients.

At WTP | LAW, our practice areas are tailored to meet some of your most critical needs.

commercial civil litigation carbondale


Litigation is an undesirable, yet often foreseeable result of deals gone wrong. It arises when parties don’t live up to their obligations

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criminal lawyer carbondale


Nothing is more fundamentally important to our legal system than protecting individuals’ Constitutional rights.

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real estate lawyer carbondale


It takes someone truly entrenched in Roaring Fork Valley politics and lifestyle to navigate the nuances of our resort area real estate.

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