real estate lawyer carbondaleSophisticated investors need professionals who truly understand local practices to navigate the nuances of Roaring Fork Valley real estate.  WTP | LAW offers that connection.

Real estate transactions and development from Aspen to Carbondale and the surrounding areas are uniquely complex due to economics, geology, dense county and municipal codes, and other factors.
We routinely advise buyers, sellers and developers of resort real estate on all aspects of deals.  Transactions may require intricate analysis of statutes, land use codes, public records and other elements.  In a market unlike most others in the world, WTP | LAW has negotiated and performed diligence on real estate deals in the millions.

Many deals involve businesses and partnerships.  A critical component of negotiating terms and documents for any high-end deal is anticipating where it could go wrong.  Litigation experience underpins our transactions analysis and every document we draft, allowing us to head off potential disputes from a deal’s outset.