W Trent Palmer Bio


William Trent Palmer, esq.

William Trent Palmer established the Firm with loyal clients and an uncommon vision:  Fiercely pursue each client's objectives. Communicate with absolute transparency to develop lasting relationships.

Mr. Palmer arrived in Aspen | Snowmass soon after graduating from Santa Clara University School of Law. The idea was to establish a respected practice while pursuing life in the mountains. However make no mistake, Aspen lawyers handle deals and disputes that are as sophisticated as those in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles.      

Mr. Palmer's litigation experience stems from his dealings with fallout from the Great Recession. Typical disputes involve financial institutions, businesses and investors entangled over assets. Understanding how deals go wrong is crucial to advising clients with transactions and new development ideas. Of course, providing legal services in Colorado mountain communities requires a unique skill set that can only be acquired through local experience.

If he is not at the negotiating table or in the courtroom, Mr. Palmer is likely biking, hiking, skiing or otherwise exploring the wilds of Colorful Colorado.